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Memanipulasi Publik Lewat Akun Bot Twitter

Oleh Raffa Ahmad Athallah

Awas. Ada propaganda di linimasa.


Diet Digital

Motivasi orang melakukan diet digital beragam. Ada yang alasannya politis dan etis, ada juga yang alasannya kesehatan (mental dan fisik). Cara mereka melakukannya pun macam-macam. Mulai dari mempunyai “jam boleh online”, menghapus media sosial, dan lain-lain. Berikut adalah kisah-kisah mereka yang melakukannya.

Sedang Kami Simak:

Twitter Analysis: Identifying A Pro-Indonesian Propaganda Bot Network

Much of the conflict has been waged on the streets, but the fight has also spilled over into the digital world — as censorship and disinformation. While there has been targeted internet disruption in Papua and Indonesia, and the banning of counter narrative YouTube content, something that has not been exposed, until now, is an active bot network disseminating pro-government content through major social media platforms.

International Journal of Communication
Enlightenment and the Revolutionary Press in Colonial Indonesia

This article recovers the tradition of the revolutionary press and situates it in the history of Indonesian national struggles by examining the production and development of the revolutionary newspaper Sinar Hindia. An investigation of the paper's content, production, and distribution practices reveals how Sinar Hindia not only embodied the anti-colonial national struggle but also became a voice for a project of enlightenment in the colony.

Nature Communications
The spread of low-credibility content by social bots

Here we analyze 14 million messages spreading 400 thousand articles on Twitter during ten months in 2016 and 2017. We find evidence that social bots played a disproportionate role in spreading articles from low-credibility sources.
How China used Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to spread disinformation about the Hong Kong protests

There have long been concerns about China’s social media disinformation capabilities, but we haven’t really seen the country put them into action until now.

New Mandala
Despite disinformation, social media in the Philippines remains a space for genuine grassroots mobilisation

In last’s week report published in New Mandala, our research team demonstrated how—despite Facebook’s efforts at curbing fake news—digital disinformation became widespread in the 2019 Philippine midterm elections. Social media campaigning shifted from relying on internet celebrities to disseminate fake news, to micro-targeted content that’s harder to detect and in turn harder to correct.

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